Plant Cell's Family Farm

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Cell Biology

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Plant Cell's Family Farm

Wonder where you are staying, you will stay in our own Cytoskeleton Cabins, witch wiith the strong cytoskeleton, will give the cabin its strength and shape


Welcome to Plant Cell's Family Farm! We hope you can understand how a cell can be like a farm if not click the Magnifying Glass below

Having fun, but don't know where something is, stop by the Nucleous or the farmer that's in control to answer all of your questions.

Plant Cell's Family Farm

Wonder how far you can travel just follow our Cell Wall fence. Which gives the farm its shape.

Wonder where the chrloroplast crops are? Just check out are Nucleus Silos.

You might ask what is an energy source for our farm. That would be the Mitochondria Combine that takes crops soyou can sell and eat them.

Hungry? Stop by the Ribosome Rib stand and get some protien!

Rough E.R. is our tractorsthat take crops and equiptmentaround the farm

Smooth E.R. is our pesticidesthat kill the bugs, just like thecell kills toxins.

Want something delivered to yourhouse or wonder how we deliverour products to stores just call theGogli Bodies they'll help you out!

You must have a ticket to get in,or our Cell- Membrane won't let you in!



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