[2015] Faith Manieri (Science A Smith): Plant Cell By Faith Manieri

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Cell Biology

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[2015] Faith Manieri (Science A Smith): Plant Cell By Faith Manieri

Award for bestplant cell!

Mitochondria:Keeps us alive and produces energy for the cell.

Cytoplasm:Liquid that fills empty spaces and does many things in a cell.

Cell membrane:Controls what goes in and out of the cells.

Cell Wall:It makes plants and animal cells stiff.

By Faith Mary Frances Manieri

Vacule:Stores food,waste, and water, and contains proteins in cells that keep us alive.

EndoplasmicReticulum:They let materials move around cells, and it's a packaging system.

Nuculeus:Protects DNA and has little holes called nuculear pores.

Golgi Body:Sends materials to different parts of the cell and gets proteins and fat nd turn them into vesiles.

Chloroplasts:Makes plants green and produces food for the cell by bsorbing sunlight and turning it into water and carbon dioxide.


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