A plant cell as a restaurant

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Cell Biology

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A plant cell as a restaurant

A Plant Cell as a ResturantBy: Allie Aloe


Roof/Outer Walls-Cell Wall

Lights- Chloroplasts

Doors- Cell Membrane

Lysosomes- Bus Boys

Mitochondria- Oven

Vacuole- Fridge

Restaurant Owner- Nucleus

Chefs prepare and cook meals. Similarly, ribosomes make proteins.

The roof and outer walls of the restaurant give the building support. Likewise, a cell wall provides structure for the plant cell.

The lights of restaurant give the building the energy it needs to operate. Similarly, chloroplasts make energy for the plant cell using photosynthesis.

Bus boys clean the tables of the restaurant. Likewise, lysosomes clean up and recycle materials in the plant cell.

The doors are where people enter and exit the restaurant. Similarly, a cell membrane controls what enters and leaves the plant cell.

The oven cooks food. Similarly, the mitochondria makes energy for the plant cell in the form of ATP.

The fridge stores food. Likewise, a vacuole stores material that the plant cell needs.

The owner controls what the restaurants and his employees do. Similarly, the nucleus instructs the organelles of a cell what to do.

Waiters-Endoplasmic Reticulum

Waiters carry food out to customers. Similarly, proteins are transported through the endoplasmic reticulum.

Golgi Body- Executive Chef

The Golgi Body finishes, labels, sorts, and ships proteins. Similarly, an executive chef expedites, plates food, makes sure the food is cooked correctly, and tells the waiters when the food is ready.


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