Planning the SAT Essay

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Planning the SAT Essay

The SAT Essay

Tip 1: Develop an argument and stick to it!When preparing to write the essay, think of a strong argument that you can defend with specific examples from your experiences and knowledge. Develop a clear, strong, and undestandable argument. Make sure to NOT get off topic!

These are some possible arguments you could make when writing an essay on this topic.

To change is to risk something, making us feel insecure. Not to change is a bigger risk, though we seldom feel that way. There is no choice but to change. People, however, cannot be motivated to change from the outside. All of our motivation comes from within.Adapted from Ward Sybouts, Planning in School Administration: A Handbook

What motivates people to change? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations.

For this prompt, write about what motivates people to change. Develop a strong argument that you can support with several details and explanations from your experiences and knowledge on the topic. Develop two or three reasons why people are motivated to change.

Things that motivate people to change can include desire of happiness or results. Many people change lifestyles because they are not satisified with the one they are living and become motiavted to change.

Tip 2: Write about something that you are familiar with!It is easier to write a strong essay if you write about a subject that you are most familiar with! Examples that you can write about can be from your experiences or knowledge of the topic.

Use your academic knowledge and analyze how a society or nation was motivated to change. Examples include how world nations are currently motivated to reduce greenhouse emissions to stop pollution, how women were motivated to perform different jobs during World War II, or how the orginal U.S. colonies were motivated to gain indepdence from Britain.

Include many references that you are familiar with. When writing, include examples about your life and how you have been motivated to change, as well as how others you know have been motivated to change.

Include examples from history, such as how ancient civilizations were motiavted to change in order to survive (ie. during the Black Plague). Include examples from today's socieity, such as how sports teams were motiavted to change in order to win or how people are motivated to exercise and eat healthy to live a healthier life.

Personal Experiences:If you have any experience with change in your life, analyze what motiavated you to change and explain how you were motivated to change. If you or a relative suffered from a health problem, such as obesity, or an addiction to smoking, for example, and they have successfully changed their life, use it as an example in your essay! Explain what motiavted your or them to change and the process of how they changed in order to improve their life.

Historical Examples

Key tips for successfully completing the essay section of the SAT.

By: John Tyler WagnerNovember 13, 2014GAVS SAT Prep