Planning for English Language Learners

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Planning for English Language Learners

Planning for English Language Learners

In my class I have four different ELL students that are on different levels of learning. Student #1 seems to be learning at a very quick pace. I will continue to keep him at his pace and blend him into the normal classroom a bit more than the others. #2 student is having a hard time with his english skills but seems to be picking up the core classes well if taught in spanish. I am going to single him our a bit and focus on his english skills engcouraging him to speak and write english more at home and other classes. #3 is oposite of #2. #3 is doing really well with this english speaking and writing but is doing poorly in his core classes. I am going to get him some student help and a tutor to bring him up to speed. Student #4 is behind on both english speaking and his core classes. My strategy with him is to work on his english skills right away and teach him his core using both english and spanish to keep him moving along. I don't want #4 to fall behind and my goal is to at least have him just trailing the other students until he can get caught up. He is a long term goal student over the semester.

Our world is small, and different cultures are connected in our classrooms. It's important to remember that we are one people and in teaching everyone gets an equal chance wherever they are from.

I would assure no ELL student is left behind is to make them feel like they belong. If they feel like they belong and are accepted, they will feel more comfortable as far as learning. A strong teacher/student relationship is extreemly important in ELL realationships.

Very interesting video on ELL Classrooms and teaching.

My subject matter will be basic math for 9th graders. It will be fun to integrate ELL students into the classroom.

When you treat ELL students the same you treat non ELL students, you create an equal invironment. This will encourage acceptance within other students.

Encourage all to stay active in the learning including the ELL students in discussions. Make it a fun invironment for ELL and Non ELL students.

Where I teach in California the students are mostly Hispanic

As a teacher I will work hard to keep all ELL students engaged and feeling accepted. A happy student makes it easier to teach and learn.


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