Planning for Differentiated Learning

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Planning for Differentiated Learning

Data Class First Day

Planning for DifferentiatedLearning

Student CenteredWhen we differentiate we consider multitude of choices for our studentsIt helps us to identify: different pathways to learning targets, where the student is in regards to the standards, what we know about each student's profile, interest, and readiness

Even though it takes some upfront work to plan, using a data driven, standards based approach has a high payoff in the end.When teachers build learning profiles, pre-assess, and develop a range of instructional practice they are...

Better able to meet student needs!

AssessmentHow we will know if stuents have mastered the required concept or skillCriterion referenced or norm referenced?

Acquire/Apply new skills and information:New info is presented and modeledDifferentation strategies usedStudents practice and apply new sills

Activating Student Interest:Pre-assessmentUsed for grouping, learning experiences, select activities that will engage studentsAlso an anticipatory set

Critical Questions:Higher level questions that will be developed up front so that students are continuously searching for their meaning

Content:FactsVocabularyEssential Skills of the unit

Assessment Tools:How will you collect information and provide feedback in order tochange and modify instruction?Rubrics? Formative?Summative? Obtrusive or Inobtrusive?

Standards:Identify power standards for your unit


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