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Planets & Astronomy

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Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. It can get up to 450 degrees celcius.


The planets and the solar system

Venus is after Mercury. Clouds of toxic gas and temperatures over 460 degrees celcius make this the hottest planet in our solar system. You would only be able to survive a few minutes on this planet.

Earth coming in third in our solar system. Earth is the planet that we live on and has the most life.

Mars is after Earth. If there were life on any other planet it would be Mars. This planet has the most bound water and carbon dioxide.

After Mars, comes Jupiter. This planet has the most mass, but very low density. This gas giant is the biggest planet in our solar system!

Following right behind Jupiter is Saturn. Saturn is the first planet to have rings that go all the way around it.

Uranus has two related descriptions. It has very low density like Jupiter and is made up of a large portion of gas. A large percentage of those gases are in ice form, so it is sometimes referred to as an ice giant as well.

Finally, Neptune, being the farthest away from the sun, is the other ice giant. It is made up of many frozen gases like Uranus.

Sound of Planets in the Solar System


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