[2014] MasonBrunson: Planets

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[2014] MasonBrunson: Planets

By: Mason BrunsonPlanet project!!!

MercurySize:4,870Distance from sun:0.39 (au)Moons:0This planet ranges from 430 degrees to negative 170 degrees.Mercury has no atmosphere.The planets heat escapes at night.

EarthSize:12,756Distance from sun:1.0 auMoons:1The earth is th eonly planet in our solar system that people can live on easily.70% of the earth is covered in water.The earth is not to hot, not to cold.

MarsSize:6,794Distance from sun:1.52 (au)Moons:2Mars is called the red planet.It had liquid on it in the past.95% of the atmosphere is carbon dioxide.

JupiterSize:142,984Distance from sun: 5.20 (au)Moons:at least 63largest and most massive planet. 2 1/2 times all the planets combined. Jupiter is3o mil times greater then the pressure on earth.

VenusSize:12,104Distance from sun:0.72(au)Moons:0The atmospherre is always cloudy.If you were to be on the surface of Venus you would be crushed by the weight of the atmospherre.The atmosphere is carbon dioxide.

UranusSize:51,118Distance from the sun 19.2 (au)Moons:at least 27Uranus is 4 times the diameter of earth. Lava flows on the surface. Rotates fully around in 17 hours.

SaturnSize: 120,536Distance from sun:9.54 Moons: at least 61Saturn has the most spectacular rings of all of the planets.Saturns largest moon titan is larger than murcury. The ring is made up of ice and dust.

NeptuneSize:49,528Distance from sun:30.07 (au)Moons:at least 13Neptune is a similar size and color as Uranus. Th eplanet is cold, blue planet. The poles are covered in nitrogen ice.

SunSize:1,302,160 Distance from earth:1.0 (au)Moons: 0The sun has no solid rock.Fun fact 1/4 of the sun is helium. The core is 15,000,000 degrees hot.

Great red spot on JupiterSize:20,000 km long 12,000 km wideDistance from sun: 5.20Moons: at least 63 Largest tropical storm on earth 2,200km across. Liquid hydrogen surounds the core. This area has sa thick atmosphere.

Solar System Video!!https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=solar+system+video+educational


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