Planes in World War 1

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Social Studies
World War I

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Planes in World War 1

Planes in World War I

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First Airplane

The video above show a few images of the Avro 504.

The original planes were used for scouting and recording enemy movements. They were originally only used by the British. Later bombing techniques were devolped. There was no bombing mechanism so the pilots had to physically throw bombs out of the plane. The planes were also armed with machine guns.

In later years during WWII, planes were better developed to suit military purposes. Better bombing mechanisms were created, and flying conditions were more safe.

Since communication was a problem, there was a radio transmitter transmitting the dots and dashes of a Morse key, but had no receiver so the base could not send information back up to the plane.

Because of the cramped cockpits, the pilots were unable to have parachutes in case of emergencies.

The Wright Brothers first flew in their Flyer 1 on December 17th, 1903. They flew 120 feet of the ground for 12 seconds.


First Military Plane used in war

What was the plane like?

Advancements in Aircraft

Around the same time, a British general said that "The airplane is useless for the purpose of war."

Let's find out! :)

Fun Fact!Pilot Mick Mannock always had a pistol with him in case the plane had caught fire to kill himself with.

This plane is the Nieuport 17.

B-24 "Liberator"

Pilot Eddie Richenbacher


Manfred Von Richthofen'splane the "Red Baron"


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