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Plan Parts

Flowers: Reproductive parts of a plant.The smell attracts insects and bees to pollinate the flower. Then, the petals fall off and seeds develop in the ovary.

The Parts of a Plant!

All plants produce flowers to make seeds so another plant can grow!

Leaves-Parts of the plant where food is made (photosynthesis).-Take in carbon dioxide from the air, water from the soil, and energy from the sunlight.-During photosynthesis, leaves use light energy to change carbon dioxide and water into food (sugar).

Watch this video about Plant Parts

Roots: Anchor plants in the soil. Water and minerals are taken from the soil through the roots.

StemsSupport the upper parts of plants, and store food.

Seeds:Contain a tiny embryo of a plant inside.The halves contain food which supplies energy and materials for growth until the plant grows its first leaves above ground.

Plant Jigsaw Puzzles


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