Plains indians

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Plains indians

Never once did the tribe go to war with the US. They signed a peace treaty on 1817 and signed a treaty agreement on 1825.

The meaning of the word Ponca is still unknown.But what we do know is that it comes from the tribes: Osage, Kansa,Quapaws.

Ponca Tribe of Indians of OklahomaBy: Ashley Hernandez

The chief of the tribe was a son of "Standing Bear",who was once a chief of the tribe.

Many indians of the tribe died because of Chronic Malaria,all this because of The United States not providing enough materials.

Fancy Ponca Powwow Dance!

The judges desicion in the US District court, "Standing Bear vs. Crook", gave the right of habeaus corpus and US citizenship to all the Native people



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