Plain Indians and Change

by heatherorton
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Plain Indians and Change

The Plain Indians, Governmental Decisions and Technology

Heather Orton

The alliance between the Sioux, Arapaho,and Cheyenne tribes caused those Indians to dominate the West.Though the alliances between Indians were strong,they were outnumbered and were at a technological disadvantage compared to the whites and Spanish in more economically developed areas.Thus, the Western Indians were not nearly as powerful, especially in long-term battles due to their lack of updated weaponry.


Indian Swords

After America obtained New Mexico due to their success during the Mexican War, the U.S. Government tried to establish a government in the state. But, because of their settlements and fear of being removed, the Indians and Spanish revolted. Eventually the US established government and the Indians and Hispanic people moved to other parts of the West.

Governmental Actions

After much failure in america's attempt to peacefully protect the Indians from greedy white expansionists, the American Government developed the "Concetration Policy." This gave every tribe their own reservation, but, it did not last long before the poorly given reservations caused the Indians to feel betrayed and thus, lead to the Indian Wars. After years of violence and war between America and the Indians, the U.S. Government continued to try to release peace treaties.

Technological improvements in weaponry and the increased need for factory parts helped cause the increase in Buffalo killing. The hides were used as belts in factories, as well as in fashion, and to provide food for the military and settlers in the west. This decreased the amount of Buffalo for the Indian Tribes.

The Dawes Act went along with American intent toward assimilation of the Indian tribes. The Act itself eliminated tribal ownership of land and transitioned them to individual owners. The Whites considered it way to save the "vanishing" Indians, but, they just opened them up to disease and even more violence.



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