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Examples: Copying an essay of someone else and saying you wrote it. Drawing the same thing or using a paintor´s ideas into your drawing.

Tip 2Use verbatim:Quoting word for word what someone else said in quotation marks, this represent that someone else said it and it qives credit to the author by saying according to....and then you put the quote.

What is Plagiarism?Plagiarism is the action of saying or using someone elses work as your own work.

What is Paraphasing?Paraphrasing is reading and taking information of someone else and putting it in your own words so you can understand it and not copy the author.


Tip 3Use footnotes or endnotes at the end of the page where you write a list of the places and authors where you got your quotes and information.

BY: Paula Villalobos8C


ConsequencesPlagIarism is like cheating in a test because you are copying someone else, if you do it the teacher can give you a cero.Also in bigger cases you could fail the class.

Tip 4At the end of the page insert a bibliography. This is where you will put a list of all sources and works were you got your information when you wrote your work.

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Tip 1Atribute: Give credit to the author of the ideas and words you use.


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