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In this image you can seee how the kid is copying( making plagiarism) an article and saying it is his own idea.

Or you will have to rewrite it.

Two consequences of plagiarism will be:

You can have a bad grade, or get expelled from school.

What is plagiarism???

Plagiarism is to copy the same work or ideas as another person and tell is yours ( that you did it)

1. Copying a article,or science assingment. 2. Copy a project ( could be an art project).3. For example: When you are making a project about cats and you are looking for characteristics of the cats and in a website it says: "Cats are ususally fat, their eyes are beautiful, they can weight between 2 and 10 kilograms and they love to sleep and play". And if you copy exactly the same in your work,and say it is your own information, that is plagiarism.

4 tips on how to aviod plagiarism:

Plagiarism is not good!!

4 tips to help you avoid plagiarism:1.Attribute ( give credit).2.Use quotations.3. Use footnotes and endnotes that help you explain where the information came from. 4. Include bibliography of where did you got the information.

What is paraphrasing?

Two examples of plagiarism will be:

Paraphrasing is to put information in your own words. It is borrowed from other sources.

By: Karen Elena Tovar MedelGroup: 7D


In this image we can see a girl paraphrasing information from a book to do her work.


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