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1) Use footnotes and endnotes.2) Use intext citations.3) Always cite the following: - direct quotations - paraphrased ideas or opinions - summaries of ideas - factual information4) If you're not sure it's plagiarism, check with a faculty member.

Cheating and Plagiarism

1) Paraphrasing: stating someone else's idea in your own words. 2) Getting answers and too much help from a friend.3) Direct copy from the original source. 4) Rewording a sentence.5) Submitting someone else's work,6) Failing to reference material.

Plagiarism is fraud - so don't do it!

Types of Plagiarism

Give credit where credit is due!

To steal and pass off the ideas or words of others as your own without crediting the source.

What is Plagiarism?

Citation Tips

Plagiarism Video

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