Plagiarism and Essays

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Plagiarism and Essays

Plagiarism and Essays

Review this quick guide to plagiarism as you review the notes in your WRN. Focus on the definition and types of plagiarism. What are the consequences of plagiarism?

Statement of view1. short, direct response to the essay question2. states one clear idea3. generally one sentence only4. ties your whole essay together5. comes in the first paragraph (introduction)

Definition of an essay: An essay is a formal, structured piece of writing that makes a statement on a topic or question, and it supports this statement throughout with information and ideas.

This is what you should study for the test.

Four important things to remember about essays:1. You MUST have one idea which holds your whole essay together from start to finish.2. You MUST make a statement about this idea at the beginning of your essay.3. You should NOT just write everything you know about the topic. Select information and ideas which help you develop your topic.4. You MUST organize or structure the whole essay so that the reader can make sense of it.

Three purposes to keep in mind:1. Your teacher's purpose2. Your overall purpose3. Your specific purpose

Differences in everyday speech and written texts:1. who are you talking or writing to2. the things you are talking about3. the method of communication4. why are you communicating

Kinds of Essays1. argue a case2. discuss an issue3. explain something

Basic Essay StructureIntroduction - tell your reader what you are going to write aboutBody- you write about itConclusion - you tell your reader what you have just written about

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