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Plagiarism is Evil!

The word plagiarism is from a Latin word that means “kidnapping.” Kidnapping is stealing a person. . Plagiarism is stealing a person's ideas or creations. You wouldn't take someone's bike or iPod, would you? Well, someone's words and creations are personal property, too. This kind of property is called Intellectual Property.

Anti-Plagiarism Checklist*Did I make a list of all the books, articles, websites, and other sources I used?*Did I keep track of which information came from which sources?*When I used sentences just as they were in the source, did I always put quotation marks around them?*When I summarized ideas in my own words, did I remember to give credit to the original source? *Did I ask my teacher if I was unsure of how to list a source or whether to list it?

Intellectual PropertyHere is a website with lots of information: World Intellectual Property Organization

Want to know how to make a citation?Go to Noodle Tools from the Black Hawk Library Home Page or look on this workshop page.



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