Places to visit in England

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Places to visit in England

Canterbury Cathedral is one of the oldest and most famous Christian structures in England. It is dome of the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, the Primate of all England and religious leader of the Church of England. The mother church of the Diocese of Canterbury (East Kent) is the focus of the Anglican Religion. Its formal title in English is the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Christ at Canterbury.

The Tower Bridge is a drawbridge located in London that crosses the River Thames. It is situated near the Tower of London, which gives it its name. Sometimes it is called Erroneamentepuent in London, which is the next bridge located upstream. The bridge is maintained by the Bridge House Estates, a company non-profit under the tutelage of Corporation of London.

The Eden Project (in English Eden Project) is an environmental complex of 50 hectares, conceived by Tim Smit and designed by architect Nicholas Grimshaw and inspired by nature and sustainable development.

One of the most visited places is definitely this tourist site. The walls of York is a fence that surrounds the city, built by Romans and rebuilt many times. From this place you can see a great view of the city.

Official residence of the British monarch in the city of London, Buckingham Palace was originally called Buckingham House was a small hotel built in the year 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham, being acquired in the year 1762 by Jorge III, who became a private residence.

The wall or Adrian's wall is an old defensive construction of the island of Great Britain, built between the years 122-133 by order of the Roman emperor Hadrian to defend the britano territory subjected to the South of the wall, the warlike tribes of the Picts, extending to the North of it, in what would become Scotland following the invasion of the coming escotos of Ireland.



This is a national park located in the Northwest of England who comes to be the largest nationwide, in addition to being an important destination for senerismo and climbing in England. Throughout its extension several lakes and lagoons can be found so it owes its name.

Canterbury Cathedral

The Palace of Westminster is the largest building having a Parliament in the world. It has 1200 rooms, 100 staircases and more than 3 km of corridors. The Palace of Westminster is the place that brings together the two chambers of the Parliament of the United Kingdom (the House of Lords and the House of Commons). The Palace, which is heritage appointed by UNESCO since 1987, is located on the North Bank of the River Thames, in the city of Westminster, in Lndres, near other government buildings in Whitehall.

This site is one of the places where the city of London can be seen in all its glory. The London Eye is the point where you can see from the River Thames, to the Parliament and its gardens.


Adrian's wall


This is an important tourist area and a national park in Hampshire in the South East of England, is covered by forests and green areas, is very popular with tourists and residents.

The Tower Bridge

Close to Amesbury in Wiltshire, 13 KMS Northwest of Salisbury, is a Neolithic monument dating from the bronze age. This is the famous Stonehenge, a formation composed of four concentric circles made of stone..



The Palace of Westminster

Places to visit in England



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