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Placement Experience





Obstacles & Challenges

What I discovered about Myself

Moving Forward

Moving forward and becoming a registered ECE there are many things I am going to take with me from my past experiences. I am going to continue to be the approachable, loving person that I am. I am going to take what I have learned from all my teachers and implement it into my style of teaching. It is important that I carry the emergent curriculum through all my planned experiences with the children and continue to follow all their cues and interests. I want to continue to build relationships with parents and families so that they know they can come to me about anything, I am their number 1 supporter. What the futute holds is very exciting for me and I cannot wait to be given the opportunity to implement all that I have learned in my own classroom one day.................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Being through three placement experiences in an infant room, kindergarten classroom, and a specialized centre I have had the opportunity to learn many things. When I was in an infant room leaving there I was extremely proud of myself because I now knew how to handle babies the proper way and just how much love and attention they need. I left there confident in my ability to care for a baby and great ways to engage them in curriculum. As for the kindergarten classroom, I had a blast and all the children welcomed me with open arms to make me feel really welcome. An accomplishment that I left here extremely proud of was the relationships I was able to form with the children and the staff. After completing my placement I've been invited back several times to take part in their parties and movie days. Specialized placement has been such a great experience for me and I am happy I chose to get out of my comfort zone and try something I am not used too. I am very proud of myself because I leave here knowing how to help children with high needs. I have had the opportunity to work with children of high needs closely and improve my skills on interactions with them and picking up on their cues. Overall, I have been lucky to have such great experiences in all my placements and look forward to what the future holds for myself and my career.

Positive learning environments are what help the children feel comfortable and willing to learn. In the future I plan on making my classroom a warm welcome place not only for the children but for their families too. I want the parents to feel free to stay and take part in planned experiences with their children when they feel like it. I want the children in my care to be happy about coming to school each day and excited to learn. I want to change the lives of children and their families by being my kindhearted self and educating them on things such as outside groups, workshops, art classes, etc. that they can do as a family to expand their children's learning. I want to address all issues regarding children all over the world such as child poverty, abuse, lack of education etc. Nothing but positive vibes from here on out!

As a lifelong learner, it has been made clear that I have much more learning to do. I've encouraged myself to further my learning and continue on in school and get my undergrad in Early Childhood Education. I want to learn more and I really do not want to stop learning. Once I am working in the ECE field I know that even as an educator I will continue to learn whether it's through the children, staff, families, or outside workshops. I discovered that I am very passionate about teaching children and that I am willing to do anything to make their lives much more fun and educational. I want to be a teacher like most that have mentored me. They are all loving, compassionate and all the children love being around them.

Positive Vibes

Although placement as been such a great experience it has not always been easy. In all my experiences I have at least faced one challenge or obstacle in which I had to work hard to over come and get passed it. In the infant room I struggled with planning activities for them as most were under the age of 1 years old. It took me a while to get used too but it being difficult really made me thorougly think during planning which helped the activities to turn out even better. In my kindergarten placement one obstacle I faced was dealing with shy children, I am used to children being very open and willing to have conversation with me, however there were a few that did not show interest at all. This showed me that not all children are the same and do not adapt to new people as fast as other children do and that it is important to make them feel comfortable. Getting used to the schedule and routine was a challenge for me during specialized placement and in turn affected my planned activities in the beginning. This made me realize that in centres the schedules are always going to be different and have different things to offer. As a future educator I have to be able to adjust quickly and get into the routine of things as fast as I can. I am happy that all my experiences were not easy at all times and that I faced some challenges. Going through these challenges and obstacles has only made me stronger and more confident in myself.


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