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Place Value

Place Value

The wallet in your purse is a perfect place to look for an example of place value. The use of coins and bills is an example of place value . Ten pennies are equivalent to one dime, and ten dimes equals a dollar bill. Your one-, ten-, and hundred-dollar bills can represent positions in the place value system. Who would have thought you were carrying a place value system in your pocket.

Often I am asked to find the place value of single digit in a number. For example: what is the value of 7 in 470? In order to answer, I need to know the value of each place. I know you start at the right and move left. As I move left, the place values increase. The first place value on the right in the "ones." Next is the "tens", "hundreds", "thousands" and so on. For my example, the seven is in the "tens"place. So the answer in the example is the value of 7 is 70 (7 x 10).

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A glance at place values


by Sophia Milanowski


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