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Place Channel of Distribution



Channel of Distribution

The Hot Seat is made by a manufacturer in large factories.


The Hot Seat then reaches the wholesaler where it's sold and distributed to various retailers.


The Hot Seat reaches it's retailers where it will be sold and distributed to the final customer and consumer.


Lastly, The Hot Seat has reached the final consumer after a long journey through the channels of distribution.

The Hot Seat uses indirect distribution becuase there are intermediaries involved in the channels. The Hot Seat isn't directly distributed to our customers. They can be purchased at our selected retailers.

Channel Info

The Channel Members of the distribution of The Hot Seat include the manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailers. The Non Channel Members include those who are involved in the transportation of The Hot Seat. That includes the truck The Hot Seat is delivered from manufacturer to wholesaler, then from wholesaler to retailer.

Channel and Non Channel Members

Distribution Intensity

The Hot Seat is distributed using selective distribution. The retailers are specifically chosen based off of the demographics and physchographics of The Hot Seat consumers. This is selective distribution becuase there have been a limited amount of retailers chosen to sell The Hot Seat.

Where are they sold?

The Hot Seat can be purchased at Target, Wal-Mart, and Bed Bath ' Beyond. These places were chosen because they fit the customer profile for The Hot Seat.


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