Place-based Education

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Place-based Education

Reasons to implement Place-based education into classrooms:-In using this particular method, I hope that my students will be able to relate what they are learning in the course, to the immediate environment around them (their community). -It is important for students to understand the community in which they live in, so that they can participate in community renewal.-Which is not only beneficial for just the students, but the community as well

Although teachers are frequently worried about sticking to the curriculm, it is more important for us as teachers to ensure that our students are learning at their maximum potential, even if that means we have to take extra time, resources and planning that may be needed to implement place-based education. Students need to be able to apply and relate to what they are learning in school, in order for that knowledge to stay with them forever!

''Rather than a static relationship between teacher and student, student and knowledge…..teacher and knowledge….these connections are more energized and more complex. Engaging the local broadens the view of what might be possible. It is not a simple, predicted transfer of knowledge along a well-worn pathway. It is an active engagement with unknown answers to new questions''-(OCM, 2013)

Place-based Education''Partnering with the community is like having a new “teammate.”''


Reflection: I personally feel that it would be beneficial to use this method in any classroom, regardless of age or subject. It enables students to get hands on experience in the subject, which allows students to apply what they learn in the classrooms to something that actually exists outside of the classroom. I especially liked the video of the Thai school that is using place-based education, because it shows that no matter where you are located geographically, it is possible to implement this method. Personally, if more of my teachers had used this method while I was in school, I might have retained more of the information that is important as an adult that I wasn’t using at that particular point in time.

I would then discuss the historical aspects of that particular community, while tying the material into my curriculum for that particular week.


Place-based education: In an elementary school in Thai

As a social studies teacher, I plan to implement this particular method into my classroom by taking my students out into a variety of communities on a weekly basis.

In return, I hope that my students will have a greater appreciation for the community in which they reside, but that they will also use that information to give back to their community by preserving its history!



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