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Pixar Glog

Pixars beginings begins at Lucasfilm,(Creator of classics such as Star warsand Indiana jones) Where when therecreating Star wars Lucasfilm sells therecomputer division. John Lasseter is in this division, and little does he know hewill soon be one of the most importantpeople in pixar. John has always dreamed to work for Walt Disney.And one day he will.


John got a job at disney where he always wanted to go to work at but his job tragicly comes to an end when he got firedfor his eagerness to make a3D movie with 3D animationinstead of a 2D movie with 2Danimation.He was fired becuase disney didnt listen tohim and he was annoying people with his eagerness.

It was Steve Jobs who boght the computer division of Lucasfilm tocreate what we know as Pixar.Yes Steve Jobs (Famous creatorof Apple) created Pixar. Pixar did3D animation short clips and thatwas all they did. There first filmwas The Adventures of Andre andWally B<-------------------------------------------

Disney noticed pixar and made acontract so then pixar and disneyagreed to make a movie. That moviewas one of the most famous moviesof all time, Toy story. That contractwas worth it becuase Toy story gotlots of nominations and awards andgot the title of The highest grossingfilm of 1995. (Making 362 millionworldwide) That contract also led to Bugs life and Toy story 2.

By the time toy story 2 was over, the contract was overtoo, so do you know what disney did? Take a guess (Hints: Lucasfilm,Marvel) They boght pixar so over theyears until now pixar has : made 11 more movies, made11 more mini clips, moved there location,got an ownpixar art exibat, made 2 theme parks named cars landand a bugs land.

By 2014, Steve jobs had died in 2011,evreyone was sad that he died and evreyone missed how he cheered themon and you to say "good job!" and allthat stuff like that. But there was a newproblom that came in Steves death.Pixar needed a new leader to lead thecompany, but who could do it? Theanswer was found out later when thenew leader chosen was John Lasseder!


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