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By Eva Kerr

Pittsburgh lies between the humid continental and the humid subtropical climate zones. It has 112 days per year below or at freezing. Average Annual Temperatures-Jan.~28 degrees FJuly~73 degrees FAnnual average~50 degrees FAverage Annual Precipitation-36.85 inches of rain43 inches of snow (thats a lot of snow!)

The Steelers are very importanted to Pittsburghers! The whole city turns black and gold during football season. Heinz Field (the Steelers' home field) is located in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh's baseball team, the Pirates, had a really good season this year! The Penguins are Pittsburgh's ice hockey team.

Pittsburgh was first settled by France and Great Britain. It became township in 1771. Pittsburgh started producing steel in 1875. By 1911, Pittsburgh was producing over half of the country's steel. But in 1970, the steel industry collapsed and Pittsburgh suffered.

Pittsburgh is located in Southwestern Pennslyvania at the foothills of the Alegheny Mountains. Pittsburgh is on the confluence of the Allegheny and Monogahela Rivers. They join together and make the Ohio River. This is why Pittsburgh is called the "gateway to the west."

Pittsburgh is a beautiful city in the rust belt region. It has a population of 305,841. It is the second largest city in Pennslyvania. Pittsburgh is very well known for steel production. The most common religion is Catholocism.

Pittsburgh has many colleges and universities including:-University of Pittsburgh-Carnegie Mellon University-Duquesne University-Point Park University

Pittsburgh has almost two thousand bridges! The most important are:-Fort Pitt-Liberty -Fort Duquesne-Smithfield Street-Three Sister Bridges (6th,7th,9th)-Westend George Westinghouse

The Port of Pittsburgh is the 21st largest port in the US.

Pittsburgh has a low cost of living and a has alot of culture. It is one of the worlds most livable cities! Apple, Google, Intel, and many other tech comipanies work out of Pittsburgh.


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