Pit Bulls

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by MaryKuhnert
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Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls

By: Mary kuhnert

Pitbulls dont know right from wrong unless you train them when they are a puppie. And thats where most people go wrong. they dont know the right information on pitbulls and they treat them wrong.

Pitbulls were bred by bulldogs. People bred pitbulls for fighting. and thats how they got their bad reputation.


When someone that understands what any breed of dog goes through things start to get better.

Some dogs may know that they arent supose to be agressive with children. But some dont. And if they are let alone then they will change their actions. And if the dogs owner is around they change also.

Pitbulls now are starting to be more effective. Because the owner may have payed to have the dog trained or they trained the dog as a pup to be nice to people and other animals.

A bad example

As the years progress

Around children somethings may change


Very Important Information

The stakeholders are the ones that treat any breed of dogs improperly because they are losing that trust from others that can treat dogs properly so they won’t trust them to own any kind of animal. The right to each stakeholder is to treat any kind of animal and breed of dog properly. Some short term consequences are if they are caught miss treating a pit bull or any kind of animal they will get arrested and charged with animal abuse. Some long term consequences are they may have killed or have been treating animals poorly for a long period of time so they might have a longer time in jail. The ethical standard or standard’s that were use are caring, fidelity, and fairness.


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