Pioneers in X-Ray

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Pioneers in X-Ray

Pioneers in X-RayBy: Ryan McLarney

Wilhelm Conrad RoentgenNovember 8, 1895

William Crookes invented the first modern day Crookes tube which produced X-rays. Now more complex versions of the Crookes tube are the produces of the X-ray in medical imaging.

The Cyclotron.Ernest Lawrence invented the cylcotron in 1932. It was a chamber that made it possible to accelerate particles at high speeds for use as projectiles. This was one of the first developments in nuclear radiology.

The Cookes tube was insufficient at directing x-rays in a certain direction. It wasn't until later that the beveled anode produced more accurate direction of the X-ray.

BiographyRoentgen was a Physics professor at the University of Wurzburg in Germany. He discovered x-rays on accident while doing experiments with the Crooks tube in a dark room at the university. He noticed a piece of barium paper would glow in the dark when he passed a current through the Crooks tube. He went on to discover the penetrating power of these rays!

Ernest Lawrence

She used X-Ray defraction to exam DNA strands!

Thomas Edison first used X-rays in fluoroscopy. A procedure using X-Rays to image inner parts of the body while in motion.

Rosalind Franklin

Watson and Crick used X-rays to discover and examine the double helix structure of the DNA molecule 1953!

First x-ray image

3/27/1845 to 2/10/1923

William Crookes


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