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The main characters in Pinocchio are: Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, Geppetto (the old woodcarver), The Fox and the Cat (two tricksters), and Stromboli (the director).

Created By: Riju Datta7P

There once was an old woodcarver named Geppetto, and he made a puppet named Pinocchio. A fairy came and wished Pinocchio alive. While going to school, Pinocchio met a fox and a cat. They tricked him into joining the circus. Then, Pinocchio was locked up by Stromboli, the director of the circus. After he got out that night, the fairy came and asked where Pinocchio was. He didn't tell the truth, and his nose started to grow. The next day, Pinocchio was tricked again, but this time he went to Toyland, where everybody had fun! But, there was a bad curse that made everyone a donkey. Pinocchio escaped, but he got donkey ears and a tail. When Pinocchio got home, the fairy said Geppetto had gone on a big trip to find him, and he was inside the belly of a big whale! So, Pinocchio went to the ocean and found the whale. The whale swallowed him, and in his belly, Pinocchio found Geppetto. They got out of the whale's belly, but Pinocchio got hurt. Then, the fairy came and made Pinocchio a real boy.

The protagonist (the good guy) is Pinocchio, and the antagonists (the bad guys) are the Fox and the Cat, and Stromboli, the director of the circus.

Pinocchioby Carlo Collodi


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