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Reviewed by Mrs. Swanger

Highlights: Great choice of words in author’s writing craft: My belly was the color of a sunset; My hair was the color of raspberry sorbet, I’m Pinkerbelle, You have a very rare and acute case of Pinkitis, Just call me Pinkerella. Buzz off! I am not a flower! He was green with envy. I choked down artichokes, gagged on grapes, and burped up Brussel sprouts. Pink-a-boo!

Author: Victoria Kann & Elizabeth KannPublication date: 200630 pages of Realistic Fiction with a touch of FantasyAudience: Preschool – grade 2

While you can’t really turn pink for eating too many cupcakes, and a green diet is advisable, would relish and pickles really count as vegetables?

I loved the author’s play on words, it made for a very enjoyable read. It’s very realistic in the sense that a preschooler would whine all day and find a way to eat, eat, eat yummy treats while snubbing good for you treats; and then become quite ornery when told they may not have anymore to eat.

The plot: Cupcakes on a rainy day turns into Pinkalicious fun, or is it?


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