Piligrimage (Hajj)

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Piligrimage (Hajj)

Each year people come from all around world to go to the Arabian peninsula, where they worship the god Allah in the sacred place of Mecca.


Modern Day Piligrimage Until today, millions of Muslims come to Mecca, a sacred place to worship the God Allah. But it also turned out into a popular tour site.


Muslims are expected to go to the Mecca once in their lifetime.

By Florence, Jessie,Andrew

Mecca-Kaaba in the center-8th & 13th of the Islamic -Rituals

Why do Muslims wear the Ihram to Mecca? -Means equality and purity of the pilgrimage. -When piligrimage starts wedding, fighting, hunting, and other events are forbidden.-Usually men wears two white clothes in is waist and cover almost every body.


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