[2015] Brennan Easley: Pilgrim's Wilderness

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[2015] Brennan Easley: Pilgrim's Wilderness

The story begins when the pilgrim family of 15 family members move into a small isolated town of McCarthy. The author then goes into the families past and uncovers secrets Papa pilgrim had in his past life. The pilgrim family had a history in Texas and New Mexico. Papa pilgrim didn't like people from the civilized world, including park rangers and state troopers. I would give this book a rating of 5 stars out of 5 because the interesting historical facts about the family and the thrilling escapes by the abused children.

The main theme of this story is isolation. I can relate to the story because I live in Alaska. Many parts of Alaska I have been to are very isolated like McCarthy, the town in the story. I think some isolation is a good thing. It is nice to get away from civilization every once in awhile. My family has a remote cabin where we like to escape city living for a week at a time. The only way in or out is by airplane or snowmachine. Too much isolation, on the other hand, can be a bad thing. Isolated people can forget how to act normally and socialize with other people. They might also begin to make up their own reality and sense of morality. A quote that relates to the main theme is, "Papa pilgrim had led his family into the mountains of Alaska looking for one of the last empty spaces on the continent" (7).

Papa Pilgrim: He's an abusive father of 9 boys and 6 girls. He is a deep believer in god and the bible. He hopes to find a place where his whole family can live and be free from city living. Papa Pilgrim does not like any government or park officials because he feels they are trying to put an end to his plans of living free. Stephen Harper: A neighbor of Papa Pilgrim in the remote town of McCarthy. Harper has owned land in McCarthy since long before the Pilgrim's arrival in 2002. Harper allowed the Pilgrims to use his wanigan (shelter)whenever they pleased. After Papa Pilgrim found out Harper was starting a new job with the park service, he became angry and accused Harper of being a spy. Papa began to avoid him as much as possible. Elizabeth Hale: One of the Pilgrim daughters. She has lived her whole life being physically and mentally abused by her father. As Elizabeth got older, she realized what her father was doing was wrong and started planning her escape. One day, when Papa pilgrim makes a run to town for gas, Elizabeth and her sister, Jarusalem, made such an escape. The two girls worked quickly to restore one of the family snowmachines to working order. Papa pilgrim had sabatoged them by removing the spark plug so that no one could start the engine.Papa Pilgrim:Top leftElizabeth Hale: Top right


The story takes place in the Alaskan wilderness at a small town named McCarthy. McCarthy is isolated from outside civilization. The temperature there can drop down to forty below in the winter. The events in the book start in 2002; when the pilgrim family moved to McCarthy.


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Book: Pilgrim's Wilderness

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