Pilgrims 4 3H

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Pilgrims 4 3H

ByChloe CateDowonPanah


The first Thanksgiving was in 1621. The harvest of 1621 is now what we call Thanksgiving. Edward Winslow wrote a letter about the first Thanksgiving from his perspective it is a primary source. Squanto helped the pilgrims with their harvest/ the first Thanksgiving. Something that is not true is that the pilgrims called the first Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving. That was the first Thanksgiving.

The Pilgrims faced alot of hard stuff like hunnger and being healthy and they also had faced thirst some people found water but not good water. Finally they found Plimoth! they found healthy food and good water and wood for houses and shelter.the pilgrims faced alot of things before they found plimoth.

The Pilgrims were strangers and separatists. The strangers traveled on the May Flower to go to land for riches. The separatists were people who wanted to travel on the May Flower to separate for religion. It is terrible on the May Flower there is rotten smell and a baby Oceanus was born on the ship.you have low amount of room they get sick and there food is raw they eat beer,onions another stuff to keep them from getting sick.that is who the pilgrims were and that was there voyage on the May Flower.

Who Were the Pilgrims

The First Thanksgiving

Why the Pilgrims Chose Plimoth




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