Pilgrims Group 2 3H

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Pilgrims Group 2 3H

By Ethan,Edolie,Dylanand Coby


who were the PilgimsThe Pilgrims are two people:strangers and sepratist. Thay wantde thare owne cherch(separatist). strangers left England for richers.Mayflowerpilgrims felt vary sick. The mayflowerwas very very stinky.

The First ThanksgivingThe First Thanksgiving was in 1621. At the First Thanksgiving they played games and feasted. Also they cooked, hunted and farmed for food to eat. Squanto helped create the First Thanksgiving. The First Thansgiving was not called Thanksgiving, Historians call it the Harvest Fest of 1621. Edward Winslow's letter is a good primary source because it shows the pilgrims perspective of the First Thanksgiving. This is how the First Thanksgiving was.

Every day life was difficult to the pilgrim children. I think that because the girls had lots of clothing to wear such as stockings, a apron, a pocket (a little bag), waistcoat etc. It's also hard because the girls have a lot of chores such as milking the cow and goat, feeding the chicken etc. The pilgrim children are lucky to go to school. This is what every day life for the pilgrims.

why they choose PilgrimsThe pilgrims faced a lot of challenges the first winter. Some of the challenges were danger and being healthy cause they got something called the great sickness and thats bad. thats what some of the challenges were for the first winter. They survived the cold and the strong winds. They also had what they needed. They chose plymouth cause it had water, wood for houses and fire, its on high grounds and it had food so they could eat.

Every Day Life For The Pilgrims



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