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pilgrims group A 3H


Everyday Lifeas a Pilgrimby Alex


Why the Pilgrims Chose Plimothby Bella

The First Thanksgivingby Claire The First Thanksgiving was wonderous. It was a wonderful harvest festival of the Colonial times. Thanksgiving would have never happened if the Pilgrims landed in Virginia, and if Squanto and some other Wampanoag did not show the Pilgrims how to hunt and plant crops. When Thanksgiving arrived, the Pilgrims stuffed their stomachs with beans, squash, corn, turkey, fish, deer and more! In fact, the Pilgrims had enough food to last them a week after the glorious harvest festival of 1621! Can you imagine being a Pilgrim before and after Thanksgiving and eating all of that food?! But after being on a ship for months and eventually having to drink beer even if your a baby, after all that they definitely deserved a feast!

Who were the Pilgrims?by GeorgeThey were a group of people that wanted freedom. The Pilgrims were Separatists and Strangers. Seperatists left because of religion. Strangers left to find riches.



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