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The Pilgrims

Why The Pilgrims Chose PlymouthThe Pilgrims chose Plymouth because there was fresh water to drink and a hill to see if any other ships were coming. There were also plum and cherrry trees. In the summer the fruit would ripen and the Pilgrims would pick and eat the fruit. The mayflower compact is the govern (rules) the Pilgrims made before any one got on shore. The Pilgrims made history by making the first self-goverment ever! The Pilgrims chose Plymouth instead of Province because Plymouth had fresh water, a forest for wood to make materials to survive, Indian homes, and plum and cherry trees. The Pilgrims chose to stay at Plymouth.The Pilgrims faced cold and hunger because the groun was frozen so you couldn't build homes and there was no food so half of the Pilgrims died. The Pilgrims faced cold and hunger.


The First Thanksgiving was the harvest of 1621. Food at the First Thanksgiving was different from what most people eat today. The Wampanoag came to join the feast unexpectedly. People think the feast was planned, but it was not. William Bradford said they all must thank go for all their blessings. That is what I know about The First Thanksgiving.

Who were The PilgrimsThe Pilgrims are made of two groups, the Separatists and the Strangers. The Pilgrims were people wanted a better life in Virginia. The Separatists wanted to get away from King James I because they didn't like his rights for church in England. The Strangers were looking for riches and adventure but they were both looking for a better life. That's who the Pilgrims were. The Voyage on the MayflowerThe voyage on the Mayflower was difficult because it was wet and foul. Also lots of people got sick but only few died on the journey. The space for everybody on the Mayflower was very little. Clearly the pilgrims were relieved when the they found land.

Every day life was hard.The boys had to wake up and put on stockings, shoes, garters, breeches and a doublet hat.The girls had to wake up roll their bed in the corner. They also have to get on 3 petticoats, stocking, garters, shoes, pocket, apron and a waistcoat.The girls are learning the alphabet and reading skills. Her dad said she doing good. I think that theca kids work really hard for kids and they have special cloths Clearly the kids have to do a lot.

The First Thanksgiving

Every Day Life


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