Piglet's Struggle with Generalized Anxiety Disorder

by abigaildevlin
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Piglet's Struggle with Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Piglet's Strugglea) Piglet is constantly worrying and doubting the situations Pooh puts him in.b) Piglet always finds something wrong with a situation or finds something that could go wrong and cause menal or physical harm.c) Piglet has GAD because the order affects him everyday and most of the time during the day. His disorder consumes more days than it doesn't.

Piglet's Struggle With Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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Want Proof?

1) This disorder causes excessive anxiety to the person more days than not. 2) When experiencing immense anxiety, the person has muscle tension, is easily fatigued, has poor concentration, insomnia, and irritability. 3) People with GAD spend most of the day worrying about little and big situations that occur in everyday life.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Piglet also suffers from panophobia, which is the fear of everything.



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