Pierrre Gaultier de Varennes

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Pierrre Gaultier de Varennes

trading with the first nations

Countries Explored and purpose for the exploration

Specific areas explored were the Saskechewan river, the Missouri river, lake winnipeg and the rockies.

Pierre Gaultier de Varennes was born november 17, 1685.

Pierre Gaultier de Varennes et de la Verendrye

He was the last of the nine surviving children of Rene Gaultier as she had 13 children initially but 4 never made it past the first week.

He thought that exploring Lake Winnipeg and the "Great Western River" would lead to the discovery of the Pacific ocean which was his ultimate goal.

Pierre Gaultier de Varennes et de la Verendrye was a was a French Canadian military officer, fur trader and explorer.

He explored the canadian west to build 8 trading posts between lake superior and todays manitoba

Where he travelled

la verendrye voyaged from1732-1739 to explore the Great West. in 1728 and 1729, he wanted to set out for the West on an official mission, but had dificulty trying to convince the minister of the colonies to let him go, trying to convince them that he already knew a rout and had a reliable guide. He pleaded his case in person in Québec, in 1730. the governer and intendent supported him and defended the idea to the minister of the colonies. la verendrye had no financial backing as he left for the expadition. in 1732 Him and eight parners set off. In late August, they passed Michillimakinac and Lake Superior. In May 1734, while La Vérendrye going to Montreal, he had some men march to Lake Winnipeg where they consrtucted Fort Maurepas,Even though he had brought back lots of beaver and other types of fur, the colony wouldent be pleased with him. He promised to discover the Western sea but in 3 years, had not travelled further that lake winnipeg. Upon arriving in Québec in 1734, he found that his reputation had been tarnished because people were saying that he was "seeking not the western sea but seeking the beaver sea"he set out again in 1735 but now was the accociates employee.even with alll the problems he faced he went on. On December 3 he entered what is now North Dakota. This was to be the farthest point of his travels.

Pierre Gaultier de La Vérendrye was preparing an expedition to the Saskatchewan River when he died in Montreal on December 5, 1749.

Pierre Gaultier de Varennes, Sieur de la Vérendrye was the first European to open up fur trading in the western territory.

La Verendrye was a fur trader before an explorer. He was part of his brothers company. in his journies he has built many forts/monopolies. He has brought back many beaver furs and is quite well known for that. Even when he was exploring places, he came back with fur.However, he did not earn much.

In 1743 Pierre Gaultier de La Vérendrye left the west not knowing that he wasn't going to return. Shortly after his return from his voyage, he resigned.the governer, who was a supporter of la verendrye gave him a few hounour duties to make his life easier in 1744. 5 years later the governer had convinced the king the value in la verendryes discoveries and he recognized the value of his them by allowing him to manage the Western posts and giving him the "Croix de Saint-Louis", a valuble award


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