Pierre's Guide to Importing Students using a CSV file.

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Pierre's Guide to Importing Students using a CSV file.

To add students using the .csv upload:Open a blank Excel document and 'save as...' .csv (comma delimited).If any pop-up messages appear select yes.You can now input your student details or copy and paste the details in from your data. The column headers are NOT required.There must be 5 completed columns with the following information:A) Students' nicknames - This can be either letters or acombination of letters and numbers but NOT just numbers.Please try to create something that is likely to be unique on Glogster Edu. You could include school initials, student ID #, this kind of thing. B) Student's first name.C) Student's last name.D) GradeE) Password - this must be a minimum of 5 characters and can be any keyboard character. (Periods, hyphens, apostrophes, etc are permitted). It can be unique, the same for each student, the same as the nickname, or sequential e.g. pass1, pass2 Please note that if students know each other's passwords we recommend that they are changed later to avoid them accessing other student's accounts.When your document is ready click on the 'Add Students' button atthe top of the 'Students' tab on your account dashboard - click on'choose file', double click on the file from your machine and thenclick 'upload' and proceed from there.The most likely error message is that the nickname is already used. In this case please adjust - e.g. if scstudentjw is already usedtry scstudentjw1, etc.if there are any duplicate student nicknames the file will notupload, unless the box ' Remove Existing Users' is checked. Careful though as that username may be taken by another user elsewhere and not necessarily in your account already.If you are not able to upload after following the instructionsplease attach your fully completed doc. to an email and send to:customercare@glogster.com providing the nickname and password forthe account that the students are to be added to.

Pierre's guide to...the CSV Import tool.


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