Pierre's Guide to Creating Students' Accounts.

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Pierre's Guide to Creating Students' Accounts.

C) Give your students the School (Educator) code from your account dashboard and have them register here. (You can't access this page whilst logged in).

A) CSV doc. import.Create a doc with 6 columns in this order: Username, First name, Last name, Grade, Gender, Password.Username must be unique so you'll have to be a bit creative (just like me)!Full CSV instructions here.

Pierre's guide to...Creating Students' Accounts.

Click on the 'Students' tab then 'Add New Students'. There are 3 methods.

See also my Guide for Classes & Projects.

Pierre's view - Method C is great for older students. Method A is best for creating many students with a common naming convention.

User guides can be found through this glog.

An in depth guide for teachers can be downloaded here.

A guide showing how students create their own accounts can be found here.

Method B creates accounts with random details. It is OK for a few students, if you are happy to change the usernames manually later.



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