Pierre's Guide to Creating a Class & Project in the School License

by conditlab
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Pierre's Guide to Creating a Class & Project in the School License

To Create a Class, click on the Classes tab in your account, then on 'Create New Class', insert a class name and click 'Save Class.'Next click on 'Add Students Here' lower down on the right. Click on 'Assign' for each student you wish to add and finally on the 'Assign Classmates' button.

Pierre's guide to...Classes & Projects in the School License.

Classes & Projects help greatly with viewing and grading students' glogs.

Next Assign a project to the class. Click on the 'Start Projects here' button & select one of your glogs as the template. Next, name the project, choose which class to assign it to, add a message and Save the project.

The search box provided beneath the students list helps to filter the students 'super quick.'

Give your students this Quick Guide.

It is necessary to have at least one saved glog in your account to act as the project template. The template can be edited as much or as little as the students wish.

User guides can be found through this glog.

An in depth guide for teachers can be downloaded here.

A video guide to Classes & Projects can be seen here.



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