Pierre's Guide to Adding Teachers in the School Account.

by GlogsterEduTeacher
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Pierre's Guide to Adding Teachers in the School Account.

Invite For teachers with an existing Glogster account. Insert their username or email address and click 'Invite'. An invitation to join the school will be sent to their Glogster dashboard which must be accepted to join the school.

CreateCan be for individual teacher accounts or using the import tool multiple accounts at one time . Upload a CSV file, 5 columns are required in this order: Nickname, First name,Last name, Email andpassword (the column headers are not required).

Pierre's guide to...Adding Teachers in the School Account.

On the School Admin dashboard after clicking 'Add Teacher' you can 'Invite' or 'Create.'

If a teacher's email is already in use and you need the account associated with it deleted, reach out via the 'Support' tab on your account dashboard, our team will delete the account, releasing the email for re-use.

An in depth guide for the school account can be downloaded here.

User Guides for all levels can be found through this glog.

A video explaining how to manage the School Account can be found here.



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