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Pierre Trudeau

The Federal Goverment deals with Trudeau because he has the highest job in Canada. He also runs Canada and is in charge of Canada

Pierre Trudeau was born in Montreal Quebec in October 18 1919. He became Canada's 15th Prime Minister for 16 years. His Parents were French and Scottish so he grew up speaking that. Family was very wealthy so they were all able to attend university. Many people admired him and he had alot of followers. He fought for health care and retired from politics in 1984.

Trudeau recieved a law degree from the university of Montreal. His focus was labor and civil liberty cases. He was very concerned with people's civil rights. Then he became a professer at the law university of Montreal. Also young people enjoyed listening to him and persuaded him to run in a goverment office. He had a very outgoing personality and his ideas were very popular. He wanted equality for Canadians and was willing to fight for his rights.

One of pierre's biggest accomplishments was he made the official languges act. This includes making both French and English official languges of Canada. His Liberal Goverment passed a bill in 1969 that reconized both French and English would be home to French Canadians not just Quebec. His Liberal Goverment also created the Charters of rights and freedoms. In 1982 the Goverment passed this law. It gaurenteeds the rights of individuals and it is the highest law of the land. Some of these rights include the right to vote, and the right to enter and leave the country.

Pierre Trudeau dies of almost 16 years of being a Prime Minister. He sufferd from prostate cancer and parkinsons disease. This was a very sad death for alot of people

Pierre Elliott Trudeau's son was voted for Prime Minister in October 2015. He is Currently in the house his dad lived in. Will Justin end up living his fathers legacy or will he fall short?

Pierre Trudeau's death

This is a picture of Pierre Trudeau

Pierre vs Justin


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