Pierre-Simon De LaPlace

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Pierre-Simon De LaPlace

Pierre-Simon De LaPlace

Pierre-Simon De LaPlace was born in Beaumont-en-Auge, France in 1749


Pierre-Simon De LaPlace died at age 77 in 1827. He was survived by his wife Marie-Charlotte De Courty De Ramangas and two children, Charles-Emile and Sophie.

Historic Events>France and Austria form an alliance -1756>French and Indian War ends when the Treaty of Paris is signed -1763>The French Revolution starts -1787

Pierre-Simon entered Caen University when he was 16. When he was 19 he moved to Paris to work as a math professor at Ecole Militare.

Pierre-Simon De LaPlace married Marie-Charlotte De Courty De Romanges in 1788. They had two children, Charles-Emile and Sophie

Pierre-Simon De LaPlace made many contributions to mathmatics, and here are some examples: 1) Pierre-Simon De LaPlace was the first scientist to discover the existance of black holes and the idea of gravitational collapse(the inward collapse of a body in space) 2) He formulated LaPlaces equationa, a partial differential equation using unknown variables (see image below) 3) Pierre-Simon De LaPlace invented LaPlace's transform, which changes a function of time into one of complex frequency


Pierre-Simon De LaPlace was a math professor but later became a famous mathmatician

Events in his lifetime~Pierre-Simon De LaPlace was enrolled to study theology but insted studied math. ~ Pierre-Simon became a noble in the French Empire


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