Pierre Lallement

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Pierre Lallement


Name Pierre Lallement, is considered as the inventor of the bicycle. He is medium height , slim , he has black hair and his skin is white.

Borned in Pont-à-Mousson near of Nancy, France between 30 August 1943 and 20 August 1944, died in Boston, estados unidos in August 29, 1891. At age 19 he was maker baby cars in France, Saw someone walking with a dandy-horse and had the idea to build his own vehicle, He incorporated a crank and pedals connected to the hub on the front wheel, And he created the first bicycle as we know in the actuality In 1893 he moved to Paris , he formed a parthership whit the oliviers to produce a two wheeled velocipedo.

The original patent of pedal-powered bicycle, presented by Pierre Lallement


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