Pierre Du Gua de Monts

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Pierre Du Gua de Monts

1603 - Given opportunity to settle by the king 1604 - Promise of establishing Port-Royal as a colony1605 - Set out to Franch again 1606 - Port-Royal officially became a colony 1607 - King revoked Mont's privilleges 1607-1608 - Fur trading monopoly extended Late 1608 - Monopoly was not renewed 1617 - Stopped participating in fur trading1627 - Death of Pierre Du Gua de Monts

-Founded the first permanent colony-Made possible much of what Champlain accomplished Despite the great efforts, by this intelligent, broadminded individual who greatly contributed to the development of Canada, he is very seldom accorded his rightful place in history for all that he has done. Unlike Champlain who is well-known all throughout Canadian history.

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Pierre Du Gua De Monts


Unsung Hero

Stephanie Graus & Haley McMasterHist 260

Pierre Du Gua de Monts was born in 1558 in Saintonage. He is the son of Guy Du Gua and Claire Goumard He married Judith Chesnel and never had the opportunity to have children. He was an expolorer, trader, colonizer and governor of Acadia. He was the founder of the earliest permanent settlement in Canada. Towards the end of the 16th century, he made several voyages to Canada. It was during this time that France was showing a growing interest in what is now modern-day Canada. In 1603, de Mont's was given a trading monopoly. This was a privillege given to him by the king for trade and responsibility in settlement. He started to develop a trading company and others joined with a promise of appealing profits. There were non-members of the fur trading company that tried revoking his fur trading privilleges. His orders were to take charge of Port-Royal. He continued to participate in trade, exloration and settlement until 1617.




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