Pierre Curie

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Pierre Curie


By Shannan Sturgill

EDUCATIONHis father taught him math and science from when he was young.After he entered the Faculty of Science at Sorbonne here he earned his degree in 1878

CURIE POINTMagnetic properties of a given substance change at a specific temperature

CHILDRENHe had 2 kids: Irene Jolit-Curie and Eve Curie

BIRTHMay 15, 1859 in Paris,France

SPOUSEHis wife was Marie Curie

In 1895 Curie got his graduate degree and was then appointed a professor of physics.

During Curie's discoveries his partners were his wife Marie and his brother Jacques.

FUN FACTSHe and his wife both won Nobel Prizes in 1903

Known for being a pioneer in radioactive studies.

DEATHApril 19, 1906 in Paris, France


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