Pierre Auguste Renoir

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Pierre Auguste Renoir

Pierre Auguste Renoir

Self Portrait1899Oil on canvas

La Grenouillere1869Oil on canvas

Sleeping Cat1862Oil on canvas

Claude Monet Reading A Newspaper1872Oil on canvas



Area of Expertise

As a young boy, Pierre Auguste Renoir worked at a factoryproducing China, where he would paint small flowers ontothe products. Around 1860, he joined an art studio alongwith other influential Impressionist artists such as ClaudeMonet and Frederic Bazille. He stayed at the studio for years,and during this time Monet and Renoir sketched together,first developing the style of the Impressionist movement.Around 1881, Renoir went on a trip to Italy, where hewitnessed the works of many successful artists during theRenaissance. This is when he adapted into a more traditionalart style, and began painting mostly portraits.

Pierre Auguste Renoir wasborn in France in 1841. Hebegan his art career at the age of 13, painting porcelain.Renoir met many influentialartists, while being taught in an art studio.

Eventually, Renoir movedaway from Impressionalism andinto more traditional paintingstyles. He continued painting forthe rest of his life, until he diedin 1919.

Pierre Auguste Renoir is recognized in his artwork byhis use of bright colours and thick, darker lines. Hispaintings were mostly of figures or landscapes, andusually were not serious or dark. In his later years,he began to experiment more with his colour choices.He did many paintings of nudes, including his series ofBathers, particularily of women.Renoir painted real life scenery, and his artwork isknown for being optimistic or pleasant, due to hiscolour choice and themes in his paintings. He paintedfor his enjoyment, rather than portraying moral or political views in his pieces.


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