Sunlight vs. Darkness

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Sunlight vs. Darkness

Sunlight vs. Darkness







Question: If I grow two pea plants, one in the dark, and one in the sunlight, which when will grow the tallest?Hypothesis: If I grow two pea plants, one in the dark, and one in the sunlight, then the one in the sunlight will grow taller because it will get more nutrients from the sun



1) 2 clay pots2) 1 bag of soil3) 1 pack of pea seeds4) water

I was very surprised with the data I recieved from this experiment. As my hypothesis says, I thought that the peas in the sunlight would grow the tallest; However, this experiment disproves that. Both plants in the dark grow the tallest. As I watched the peas sprout, the ones in the dark were first. A few days later the plants in the sun sprouted. I recognized another thing as they were growing: the peas in the sun had lots of leaves and looked green and healthy.Meanwhile the peas in the closet, although they were taller, they were just pale green stems emrging from the soil. From my research, I knew this happened because the plants in the sun got chlorophyll from it serves as food from the plant. The data from this experiment made me eage to see the plants each day

When I picked this experiment, I thought that the peas in the sunlight would grow the tallest for sure, but as I watched the plants grow, I became more and more intrested in the project. It surprised me to see the plants in the dark grow the tallest. I think this happened because the plants were growing tall, looking for sunlight to produce chlorophyll. I had fun doing this experiment and learned a lot about the growth of peas and plants in general.


1. Fill the clay pots about halfway with the soil2. Put 2 pea seeds in the pot spaced out3. Cover the seeds with 1/2 inch of soil4. Put one pot in a dark area, and the other in a sunny area5. Water about to tbl. spoons a day and record the height every week for 3 weeks

Peas are ideal for vegetable gardens because they are easy to grow and provide a nutritious ingredient for many recipes. Pea's can grow up to 6 feet tall. Light is important for growing plants because it is crucial part of photosynthesis. However, plants in the dark will grow taller in the first couple weeks because they are searching for sunlight. plant seeds already have stored energy before they are planed so that they can sprout through the soil. Some plants need more light than others. Plants need 3 things in order to grow healthy and strong, water, heat, and light. Photosynthesis is a process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy, normally from the Sun, into chemical energy that can be later released to fuel the organisms' activities. Pea plants on average sprout within 12 days of being planted and normally take 60 days to grow before harvest. they do not need much care as they grow as they are hardy crops.

By: Pierce Henderson

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