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PIEBy: Sarah Weeks 

When Polly Portman, the greatest pie maker alive passes away, the whole town is distraught. But those townspeople aren't as depressed as Alice Anderson, Polly's niece. Alice was inspired by Polly. She looked up to Polly too. In Polly's will, she left the world famous pie recipe to her cat and she left her cat Lardo to Alice. You might be wondering, "How do you leave a recipe to a cat?" Well Polly knew how. After the death, Alice heard something strange in the middle of the night. It was some sort of "clink." She just thought it was Lardo, but the next morning Lardo was gone. She searched for him all morning, but no sign of Lardo. Alice was worried so she called in her best friend, Charlie Erdling in to find Lardo. They scattered the town trying to find Lardo, until they arrived in Polly's old pie shop. It looked like someone had broken in. Alice and Charlie both knew that Lardo's absence was connected to the pie shop break in. It was time to solve the questions: "Where is Lardo," "What happened to the pie shop," and "Why does Alice think Lardo's absence and the mess at the pie shop are related?"



Polly Portman: She is Alice's loving aunt. People love Polly because of her famous pie crust recipe and her loving heart. When she died, she left her pie crust recipe to her beloved cat Lardo in her will.Alice Anderson: She is the average pie loving 11 year old. She is also Polly's niece and her best friend. Alice is heartbroken when she thinks her mother doesn't love her. She is devistated about Polly's death.Charlie Erdling: He is one of Alice's closest friends. After Polly's death, Charlie helps Alice answer questions about aunt Polly's pie.Lardo: He was Polly Portmans pet cat. In Polly's will, she left her famous pie crust recipe to her fat cat Lardo, and her cat Lardo to Alice.

This book takes place in Ipswitch, Pennsylvania, a small town that no one has ever heard of. It was like that until Polly Portman opened a pie shop called PIE. Then, Ipswitch became a landmark where thousands of people visited from around the world daily.

The book Pie by Sarah Weeks is one of my all-time favorites. I love it because it makes you want to relax and eat pie all day long. I felt that way because of the massive amount of detail the author included. For example, on every new chapter there is a pie recipe on the page. That was when I realized what I wanted for dessert. Also, on page eight, the author wrote this: "The creamy filling was made from Dutch cocoa powder, eggs, sugar, and fresh whole milk stirred over a low flame until it thickened into a sweet, glossy brown pudding. Once it was cool, Polly spooned it into a baked crust and slathered the top with whipped cream sprinkled with curls of milk chocolate". Did you see all of the detail used in this passage?

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