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Picture Book Analysis

Narrative Elements

One of the very best aspects of this book are the illustrations. These illustration stretch from page to page. Leading and enhancing the story line. Using black and white to show when the main character is feeling sad or distraught and vibrant colorful pictures to show happiness. Some of the illustrations contain both color and black and white figures. This propels the story line, that words, stories and books add so much color and depth to our ordinary lives.

Elements of Design

Picturebook Design

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore is a horizontal and beautifully illustrated picture book. The color illustrations are vibrant and whimsical. Whereas, the black and white illustrations have depth and aide in the storytelling process.

By William Joyce

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Book Cover

Peritextual Elements

The book begins with Mr. Lessmore, sitting on his balcony reading his books and writting his own. His life is very orderly. With the first few sentences, we know that this will be a book about books. Mr. Morris Lessmore love of words, stories and books. The title page is spread over two pages, and the story begins on the very next page. It is the last page of the book that I find to be very intriguing, it illustrates two small hands to mimic that of a small child,ultimately bringing the reader into the story. Making them part of Mr. Morris Lessmore story.

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Images within Picturebook

This story contains some Home-Away-Home elements. As well as some Circular and Chronological order. In the beginning we see Mr. Morris Lessmore at his home, until a terrible storm hits and he is displaced. He finds a lovely lady, carried away by books in the sky, her story leads Mr. Lessmore to a library, in which he finds his real home. Until the day it is his turn to leave. Mrs. Morris Lessmore is then carried away by books thru the sky, and his story finds a new reader, to enjoy. "And so our story ends as it began...with the opening of a book"

The characters that dominate this story are that of Mr. Morris Lessmore and the company of his books. While there are both Men, Women, and children in this book, there is not much diversity.

Here are two samples of the illustration within this book. Again very colorful, with lots of detail.


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