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Born the year of 1881 in Magala,Spain

Studied under his father for aboout one year

- During a career lasting 78 years, he created13,500 paintings, 100,000 prints and engravings, and 34,000 illustrations which were used in books- after his sister's death, the family moved to Barcelona and was accepted after auditioning into the School for Fine Arts-

Was accepted into the Academy of Fine and Applied arts in La Coruna at the age of 13

Lived in a middle class family; his father was a painter who taught at the local at school

Bullfight, 1934, oil on canvas

Guernica, 1937, oil on canvas

The Old Guitarist, 1903, oil on canvas

Three Musicians, 1921, oil on canvas

Picasso's father and uncle decided to send him to Madrid’s Royal Academy of San Fernando which was the country's foremost art school.

- co creator of cubism and used many styles scuh as surrealism, to paint things he observed around him


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